SoundElf EWA A103 Bluetooth Mini Speaker with Enhanced Impactive Bass

EWA A106 Super Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker Egg-sized, delicate and innovative. EWA A106 was designed to fit everywhere. About EWA Since 2011, EWA was established by the spirits of “Beyond the Limits”. As a designer and manufacturer, we focusing on portable wireless speakers and earbuds, to develop valuable products for people. We believe that audio products are the sound, thus we tried all the ways and spent all the time to improve it. Never settle, we are always on the way to break the limits. Small, Until You Hear it. Specifications: Dimension: Dia1.89* H1.57” Material: Steel/ Stainless steel/ ABS Battery: Up to 6 hours of play time Charge Time: 2 hours Drivers: 3W Wireless: Bluetooth 3.0 From the beginning, we were thinking to make such a speaker: It should be small, so people could bring it anywhere. So we defined the size as 48mm* 40mm, quite like an egg. Also, protect the speaker from scratch. It should be loud, means, beyond the limit of the size. So we equipped a high-performance 3W neodymium driver, which provides a pretty loud, balanced sound. Even better than most of the 5W drivers. It should release incredible bass. Previously, the biggest pain point of small size speaker is the weakness of the bass performance. In such a tiny space, we need to put the driver, the battery and all electronic components inside. Besides, through our innovative technology, the EWA A106 speaker equipped a passive radiator, which is why it releasing such amazing bass. It should be simple and delicate.

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