APEX52 Fruit Knife



Multi-Purpose Knife- This paring knife is a small knife with a smooth edge blade, it is ideal for peeling, carving or intricate work like de-veining a shrimp, removing the seeds from a jalapeño, skinning or cutting small garnishes The ergonomically designed, contoured Swiss Classic handle is inspired by our patented Fibrox Proline and provides a sure grip and easy handling, even when wet Featuring a short blade for enhanced accuracy and precision, this paring knife is optimally built for jobs where control is essential Perfect for more intricate jobs such as peeling fruits and vegetables or trimming beans, but also versatile enough for bigger jobs like dicing an onion or slicing mangos. Package Content: Pack of 6Paring knives For Kitchen.

Model Number
  • Multipurpose Stainless Steel Paring Fruit Knife Set
  • Orange
Model Name
  • Fruit Knife
Brand Color
  • Orange
Suitable for
  • Fruits, Vegetables
Handle Material
  • Plastic


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APEX52 Fruit Knife Stainless Steel Knife Set (Pack of 6)


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