APEX52 Erasers With Collectible Mermaids

  • IDEAL GIFT-Adorable kids’ gift for birthday, honor rewards, stocking stuffers, party favors or school supplies.
  • MULTI DESIGN- Cute Multi Design styling activates study interest and makes boring learning vivid.
  • FASCINATE LOOKS – Fascinating looking erasers your kids will love;You can just hear the squeal of delight from your niece or nephew (or yourself!) as you reveal this Multi Design themed eraser set to them
  • This pencil rubber set can be used as a thank you gift for children’s birthday party/christening party. A great idea for kids party favors and giveaway gift for kids and teenagers.

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APEX52 Erasers With Collectible Mermaids!! Original Goodies From “The Little Mermaid” Infinite Different Shaped Eraser for Return Gift, Kids & Collection.



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