Apex52 Digital Energy Socks

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Each and every day, millions of people suffer from swollen, uncomfortable legs or feet and poor circulation. Are you one of



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About Energy Socks

Activating Energy Wave Socks Holding is the incorporation of ancient Knowledge and
Western digital energetics into the power stocking, Create 1-9 digital energy socks, through the
research of the digital energy life code, help people to explore themselves, to inspire potential, to
find the happiness door of life. To help everyone affirm self-identity, build self-confidence, and
improve communication skills.

This will not only make you happy, satisfied with your work and life,
but also be able to develop better in your relationships. Digital Energetics = Vital Code + molecular
cell. Digital energy has a hidden relationship with life, career, family, health, emotion, parent-child
education, the five elements, and fortune. By analysing themselves and learning from others, the
Digital Energy Tutor directs the wearing of digital energy socks to bring out potential talents and
hidden strengths, or to make up for certain deficiencies and inspire self-growth. Quantum energy
socks, with stockings, socks, invisible socks, socks for children, suitable for men, women, children,
comfortable average.


Energy socks have three advantages: antibacterial, odour-proof, promoting
circulation, activating energy, comfortable and close to skin, wear and breathable, moisture
absorption and quick drying, By the digital energy fibre, double layer antibacterial ion, carbon fibre
and other major functional materials, through the world's leading technology processing. The raw
materials of fine velvet cotton, also known as combed cotton. The fibre length of cotton is 28-31mm,
the annual sunshine is over 3220 hours and the accumulated temperature is over 3500?. We firmly
believe that only the best raw materials can produce the best products. Cotton has a fibre length of
28-31mm, high-quality raw materials. And the world's largest fully automatic hosiery machine
production base, Research Institute 16 experts exclusive development, to ensure that the energy
socks products more soft, more smooth surface, more wear.

With German medical grade double layer antibacterial materials, life of power socks effectively inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria and mites. The germicidal scope is wide and does not have any harm to human body, can effectively prevent foot odour, beriberi, prevent foot crack, antibacterial rate >99, can achieve 10 days anti-
odour effect truly. Energy Garter uses Lycra Rubber Band, stretching up to 220.<br>Thousands of
pull tests can be quickly restored to its original state. The rib is designed to be wide-mouthed, not
taut, not flabby, anti-slip, the inner layer of the rib is made of carbon fibre, which can effectively
promote blood microcirculation and enhance the self-antibacterial ability of the feet. Power socks
are made from 3D, from toe to heel, and they fit better into every part of the foot. Socks and roots
are made of reinforced and refined workmanship, which make the package more comfortable,
breathable and wear-resisting. Sock reinforcement treatment, smooth and comfortable to avoid
friction damage to toes.

The four seasons of energy socks, 180-degree mesh, and 360-degree mesh,
respectively, are used for the hosiery. It's warm in winter and cool in summer. The soles of the
power socks have the Logo, the body has the life code number, is made by the digital energy fibre
high precision, in the beautiful atmosphere, but does not affect the comfort of the clothes. The
Power Socks Over pack, designed by the designer, after more than 20 strict techniques, make the
Power Socks no longer look like a box of socks, but more like a work of art that radiates light.


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